June 17, 2024
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Auburn Community Church (ACC), based in Alabama, has turned to Pliant Technologies' CrewCom digital wireless intercom system.

Auburn Community Church (ACC), based in Alabama, has turned to Pliant Technologies’ CrewCom digital wireless intercom system to help improve its production workflow.

Founded by a group of families committed to doing church differently, the ACC is a non-denominational worship center that hosts both in-person and live-stream services for a diverse congregation.

The church recently upgraded to a larger camera system and needed an intercom that could provide a reliable channel of communication between camera operators and the video director.

With this newfound requirement, ACC turned toPliant Technologies’ CrewCom digital wireless intercom system, as well as its SmartBoom headsets.

Although the system was originally purchased with the camera operators and the video director in mind, the church found many additional uses for CrewCom’s communication capabilities.

With CrewCom, the church’s producer can communicate with the entire production team, ensuring seamless transitions within the program and keeping everyone on the same page.

They also deploy CrewCom to communicate to the band via in-ear monitors, as well as with audio engineers mixing for online content.

As the first intercom system to be installed at the Auburn Community Church, it was crucial for the production team to acquire a simple-to-operate solution.

“Install and setup is extremely easy with Pliant’s CrewCom system,” says Drew Middlebrooks, production director at Auburn Community Church.

“We regularly take CrewCom out on the road for off-site events and we can quickly set it up even in very populated areas, and it provides amazing results.”

During any given service, the production team deploys 12 CrewCom radio packs with Pliant’s SmartBoom headsets.

The system is also interfaced with ACC’s main audio console and also allows the music director to communicate with the band members.