May 29, 2024
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Digitalisation services provider Prasad Corporation has announced the acquisition of German media post-production company OMNIMAGO GmbH.

The acquisition allows Prasad to expands its global footprint and strengthens its position in the European market.

It will benefit from OMNIMAGO’s 40 years of experience delivering media services to some of Europe’s major film archive, television and post production companies.

The acquisition preserves OMNIMAGO’s existing Ingelheim-based business in Germany, whilst enabling the expansion of digitalisation projects across Europe.

Saiprasad, Director – Prasad Corp., said: “This acquisition signifies the culmination of a long-standing relationship between the two entities and marks a new era of collaboration, setting precedents for excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction.”

“OMNIMAGO’s expertise enriches Prasad’s services and gives all of our customers access to a wider and an unparalleled array of services.

“The acquisition not only preserves OMNIMAGO’s rich legacy but also propels both companies into an exciting future where tradition meets innovation.”

Peter Fries, Managing Director – OMNIMAGO GmbH, added: “For over four decades, OMNIMAGO has been a torchbearer of preservation expertise.

“As part of the Prasad group, the OMNIMAGO brand will thrive, and customers can continue to expect the same exceptional service they have grown accustomed to.”

“By blending our legacy with Prasad’s cutting-edge technology, we are not just preserving archives – we are preserving heritage.”