July 12, 2024
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Radio Univox is one of the most popular radio stations in Kocevje in Slovenia.

It has a wide range of programming with extensive music, entertainment and news programmes, with a special interest in the current affairs of its community. It currently broadcasts on 107.5FM daily and online from its website.

After many years of work and broadcasts from a very traditional radio infrastructure, in the last update the technical management has opted to start integrating new digital and IP technologies in the daily operations of the radio.

In this way, all the recorded content is managed and broadcast from the AEQ AudioPLUS radio automation system, and likewise all incoming and outgoing telephone communications of all the radio stations are carried out from the AEQ SYSTEL IP talk-show system.

AEQ AudioPLUS brings AEQ technology in computer broadcasting systems to those radio stations that professional automation has not yet been able to reach.

Based on the Mar4Suite systems installed in thousands of high and medium level studios, in networks of up to hundreds of stations, a product has been developed for most radio studios, in stand-alone stations or in chains with only a few stations per station.

AEQ AudioPLUS offers new features, adapted to the real needs, technical skills and purchasing power of most stations.

It incorporates tools for manual, automatic and remote-controlled playout, automatic programming of music and advertising, as well as content generation and editing.

Unlike other moderate-cost applications, this great tool for small and medium-sized stations has the power and quality of the best.

Designed for Windows operating systems and SQL Server databases, it has a simple self-installation wizard, is compatible with low-cost audio cards and has complementary editing and management tools.

Finally, the AEQ SYSTEL IP platform is a broadcast and multiconference telephony system that drastically reduces the cost of communications, significantly improves quality, increases flexibility and integration with the telephone system of each station or company.

It involves a very low investment, with a rapid return on investment. Business telephone systems are rapidly migrating to VoIP technology, integrating IP, distributed or virtual PBXs and enabling access to new alternative telecommunications service providers.

Broadcast telephony has been an isolated island with high operating costs and stagnant technology.

AEQ SYSTEL IP makes it possible to connect broadcast telephony to current IP-based corporate switchboards, avoiding the need to maintain conventional lines exclusively for broadcasting.

SYSTEL IP allows VoIP connection of 4-wire lines from intercom matrixes or audio consoles to establish multiconference circuits or external coordination in television and radio stations.

The whole project has been coordinated by the technical department of AEQ’s local partner in the country MTD together with the staff of AEQ Madrid and the engineers of Radio Univox.

This way, at the end of this upgrade, all the recorded signals that are now broadcasted in the station are digitised within AEQ AudioPLUS, and all the external contributions arrive via IP through AEQ SYSTEL IP, being Radio Univox one of the most advanced Slovenian stations at the moment in these critical areas.