RAI and EBU team up with Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm to deliver the Eurovision Song Contest over 5G Broadcast in Italy, Austria, Germany and France

Rohde & Schwarz and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., the driving force behind the development, launch and expansion of 5G, have joined forces with partners in four European countries to deliver live 5G Broadcast/Multicast streaming of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The two industry leaders will work with CRITS (R&D arm of RAI), Torino, Italy; ORS, Vienna, Austria; SWR, Stuttgart, Germany and towerCast, Paris, France – to broadcast the event, taking place in Torino, Italy from 10-14 May 2022, to multiple locations across Europe. Running throughout the show, the demonstration will showcase Broadcast/Multicast capabilities over 5G where the live encoded content produced by RAI in Torino will be transmitted in real-time using a 5G Broadcast signal over-the-air to smartphone form-factor test devices from Qualcomm Technologies Inc.The Eurovision Song Contest is broadcast to nearly 200 million viewers around the world.