May 18, 2024
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Rise, the advocacy group for gender diversity in broadcast media technology, has appointed Donna Smith as its new Managing Director.

Rise also welcomes Carla Maroussas as the new Mentoring Manager for UK and Europe.

With these accomplished professionals joining the team, the group is poised to achieve its aim of creating lasting positive change within the world of media and entertainment technology.

Donna Smith has over two decades of success in blue-chip and multi-billion dollar companies, including NBC Universal and TiVO.

Renowned for her entrepreneurial spirit and ability to lead teams towards strategic goals, she has been a driving force behind organisational and geographical growth.

She has a proven track record in board-level decision-making and possesses diverse skills in sales, crisis management, start-ups, growth strategy, technology, leadership, fundraising, company culture, and communication.

Her pragmatism, creativity, and resourcefulness have consistently propelled businesses from concept to success, and will drive her forward into her new role as Managing Director of Rise.

With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry and successful transition to Life Coach and NLP Practitioner, Carla Maroussas, Rise’s new Mentoring Manager, has built a career specialising in delivering training to a diverse range of clients.

Her expertise lies in helping individuals rediscover their values and supporting them on their personal development journey. Carla’s passion for the industry and commitment to mentorship make her uniquely suited to the role of Mentoring Manager at Rise.

Rise offers a range of programmes that aim to address the gender skills gap in the media and technology space.

These include the Rise Awards, which celebrate the achievements of women in the industry, the Rise mentoring scheme and the Rise Up Academy, which offers a unique learning experience for young people interested in the world of media technology.

“The goal of Rise has always been to help foster a diverse and gender balanced workforce in the media and entertainment technology space and we are delighted to have Donna and Carla working with us towards this future.” said Sadie Groom, Founder of Rise.