May 29, 2024
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Ross Video has unveiled updates to its Voyager graphics rendering solution and Lucid Studio control solution.

Launched in 2019, Voyager has been used to power some of the world’s most impressive VS/AR and XR Virtual LED Studio productions.

This includes, notably, CCTV’s Spring Gala Festival – the world’s most watched TV show.

Based on the Unreal engine from Epic Games, the latest version of Voyager (4.27) includes new configuration tools to calibrate camera lenses and LED videowalls, as well as improved configuration of RossTalk and Datalinq and support for embedded audio out on video outputs.

Additionally, the inclusion of Epic’s nDisplay technology allows people to seamlessly synchronize multiple LED displays for XR productions. These improvements all simplify and accelerate system set-up.

Lucid Studio is the primary control interface for VS/AR and XR Virtual LED Studio applications from Ross, and the updated version (6.3) introduces an enhanced web browser that offers better performance and enables 3rd party web UI to be part of Lucid’s control panel.

An improved web API (using SSL for encrypted communication) enables secure integration with 3rd parties. Enhanced integration with mobile devices opens up the possibility of event control from a mobile phone or tablet, even using a QR code!

This latest version also includes support for the Elgato Streamdeck device, offering a more tactile control experience for Lucid users.

Manesh Patel – Product and Business Development Manager for Ross Virtual Solutions – points to the importance of XR Virtual LED Studio as a production platform.

“We’ve seen XR Virtual LED Studio trickle down very quickly from high-end Hollywood productions like The Mandalorian to more mainstream broadcast environments because it offers more flexibility and amazing creative possibilities.

“Ross is very pleased to be supporting XR Virtual LED Studio content producers everywhere with these new versions of Voyager and Lucid Studio.

“They make set-up, calibration and control of XR Virtual LED Studio productions much easier, and Voyager continues to set the standard for photo-realistic graphics rendering, helping content producers create the most amazing sets imaginable!”