June 17, 2024
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Tedial, the leading independent media technology solutions specialist, has successfully completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for its award-winning smartWork NoCode Media Integration platform.

The AWS FTR enables companies to identify and remediate risks in their software or solutions.

smartWork ensures the interoperability of different services and applications enabling the automation of production and represents a new concept for the M&E industry.

It also presents all the services available as apps, which can be provided by AWS, e.g. AWS Media Convert, AWS Rekognition, etc. or from any other vendor.

The apps can be used to implement business processes in just a few steps without being aware of the APIs, datamodel or any other details.

This drastically reduces time to market and more importantly allows users to test and use all the tools available in AWS and to adopt new ones as they become available significantly reducing time investment.

This approach is the opposite to the traditional point-to-point integration where all the applications must be integrated and a change in one affects all the others.

smartWork offers a one-to-many integration where each system is integrated within the platform, each presents the same method for the same operation (eg. transcoding, AI, etc.) and one change in one system only affects the plugin responsible for the integration, ensuring that the platform is future-proof.

Usability and efficiency are also key features in smartWork. Users without a deep technical knowledge can create their own business processes going from a very basic NoCode to a more advanced NoCode editor.

This allows users to define conditional executions, notifications to external systems, etc. and to have all the flexibility needed to accomplish the business requirements, aligned with Movielab’s 2030 vision of media creation.

smartWork can also be the enabler to guarantee a smooth transition into the cloud. It offers a hybrid operation where some business processes can be running on prems and new ones can easily be deployed and tested in the cloud, ensuring business continuity.

For Tedial, the AWS FTR has been a key milestone in the deployment of the platform.

Julian Fernandez-Campon, CTO at Tedial says: “We’re really happy to have achieved the AWS Foundational Technical Review.

“We’ve used the process to review the platform, improve documentation and to do a deep assessment to ensure it meets the high-demanding market needs. For us, it’s not just another certification, it’s a process that will continue to help to review and improve the platform in AWS”.