July 12, 2024
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Telemetrics has introduced the PS-RM2-48 multi-function intelligent power supply unit for its robotic camera control systems.

The new power supply includes a small LCD display for status diagnostics and Ethernet connectivity, which gives users the ability to monitor the PSU remotely within the software of the Telemetrics RCCP-2A control panel.

The new power supply also provides reliable and safe DC power for cameras, lenses, prompters, confidence monitors and fiber adapters, which eliminates the need to run extension cords across the floor that can pose a safety hazard.

The low-voltage DC power supply complies with the latest safe working directives in Europe, the company said.

“The new PSU does things no other power supply can do and helps robotic camera users be more efficient with their power usage,” said Telemetrics vice president Michael Cuomo.

“It’s also great for studio applications that have multiple Telemetrics robotic camera control system operating at the same time. Now, with this new PSU, users can power all of the components with a single device.

“Therefore, it’s easier to use, takes up less rack space and is more fully featured than any other PSU for robotic camera systems on the market today.”

The PS-RM2-48 measures 19 inches in a 2U chassis. It also includes Ethernet connectivity, giving users the ability to control and monitor the power supply remotely.

This also serves as a safety feature because now users can monitor the power that’s being drawn from the power supply.

With Real Time Network Monitoring and a lot more power than previous power supplies, the new PS-RM2-48 can be used to turn robotic camera components on and off remotely.

In the past, a Telemetrics OmniGlide Robotic Roving Platform would require three or four standard power supplies.

The new PS-RM2-48 power supply comes in several versions: standard – signal module dual output – (2x500W) with separate redundancy mode outputs; 1000W total output without redundancy; and optional second power module, providing a total output of 2000W—2 x (2x500W). The power supply will ship with all future systems, starting in 2022.

More information is available on the company’s website.