May 18, 2024
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                                                         TelevisaUnivision partners with LTN for flexible transition to IP-based distribution

 Major Spanish-language media organization TelevisaUnivision harnesses LTN Wave to enable future proof IP-based distribution and serve growing audiences

Columbia, MD., April 11, 2024 — LTN, the industry leader in transformative media technology and video transport solutions, announces a partnership enabling leading Spanish-language media and content company, TelevisaUnivision, to migrate to IP-based video distribution. The long-term agreement provides TelevisaUnivision greater flexibility, scale, and intelligence in live video distribution with LTN’s fully managed, IP-based transmission solution, LTN Wave.

As part of the companies’ latest collaboration, TelevisaUnivision will utilize LTN Wave to deliver its full portfolio of 17 broadcast networks and cable channels via IP-based distribution, bringing a broad array of high quality live news, sports, and entertainment content to millions of viewers across the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. TelevisaUnivision serves approximately 60% of Spanish language linear viewership across US and Mexican markets and provides the largest dedicated Spanish language streaming service in the world, ViX. By embracing LTN Wave, TelevisaUnivision enables the seamless delivery of high value channels with over 260 drops to local affiliate stations and MVPDs, while supporting distribution across OTT, FAST, and other digital platforms.

“TelevisaUnivision has always pioneered emerging technologies to fuel long-term business objectives and better serve our growing audience,” said Ralf Jacob, EVP, Global Broadcast Engineering at TelevisaUnivison. “We’ve driven a number of IP-first initiatives across our organization to power more creativity and unlock more intelligent media distribution capabilities. LTN is a trusted leader and innovator in the shift to more flexible IP-based options, and we’re excited to embark on our next phase of growth with a future-ready IP technology roadmap.”

Underpinned by LTN’s proprietary, multicast-enabled network, LTN Wave provides unique possibilities to manage business policy based workflows like content replacement and blackout management all while realizing cost efficiencies as an alternative to satellite distribution. Through the transition from satellite to IP-based transmission, LTN provides TelevisaUnivision with SLA-backed ultra low latency delivery supported by end-to-end management to de-risk migration while streamlining operational and support workflows. As part of the transition, TelevisaUnivision can explore a range of advanced capabilities including content replacement, ad enablement, blackout and rights management directly within the LTN network, fueling a host of new revenue opportunities and greater business agility.

Building on the two companies’ existing partnership to customize and deliver thousands of live sports events via LTN Arc for the fast-growing ViX streaming service, TelevisaUnivision continues to embrace IP-first workflows to drive greater flexibility and scale in live video distribution. Through its close collaboration with LTN, TelevisaUnivision empowers organization-wide technology innovation to drive success across its traditional broadcast and streaming businesses.

“Major global media companies are realizing that fully managed, IP-based transmission has arrived — and the time to shift is now,” said Chris Myers, EVP, Chief Revenue Officer, LTN. “With the right partner, moving onto IP is a flexible, seamless transition that provides the necessary foundations to boost revenues and reach new audiences in a constantly evolving market. TelevisaUnivision is one of the most well-renowned media leaders in the world, and we’re excited to continue helping it embrace an IP-centric future that fuels business success.”