June 17, 2024
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Out-of-the-box virtual production platform delivers immersive, interactive news segments where presenters engage with virtual elements in real time

Oslo, Norway – January 17, 2024 – Pixotope, the leading provider of end-to-end virtual production solutions, today announced that Thailand’s Amarin TV built its new studio around Pixotope Talent Tracking and the award-winning Pixotope Graphics – AR/VS Edition. Motivated by a need to differentiate their live news broadcasts and enhance their storytelling capabilities, Amarin TV chose Pixotope as its virtual production platform because of its ability to deliver the visual impact of high-end feature films in a cost-effective turnkey package while easily integrating with existing technology. With Pixotope, Amarin TV can effortlessly produce captivating graphics for data visualization, immersive storytelling, and innovative advertising opportunities, as well as create interactive immersive virtual environments that respond to talents’ actions in real time. The result is greater creative control and maximized advertising revenue potential for Amarin TV as well as a more engaging experience for viewers.


Launched by Amarin Printing and Publishing Plc, Amarin TV focuses its programming around entertainment, lifestyle and news. A magazine-based company, the launch of Amarin TV was an opportunity to carve out a unique identity in the market. As all TV stations in Thailand must report on news, Amarin TV needed a way to adapt the information-heavy news content to fit the creative, entertaining format their established audience craved.

“We faced a unique challenge; the objective was to ensure the delivery of factual, news-based information did not interfere with the entertainment value our audience has come to expect from us,” said Mr. Cheewapat Nathalang, CTO of Amarin TV. “We wanted to create a seamless blend of information-sharing and entertainment, without compromising on either aspect.”

With Pixotope, the virtual production learning curve is flattened for the Amarin TV team. Pixotope reduces the time needed for set up and operation, optimizing, and streamlining Amarin TV’s workflow to effortlessly produce captivating graphics and immersive virtual environments that talent can interact with in real time. Thanks to its no-code, drag-and-drop approach, Amarin TV can easily control and manage all the technical aspects of its production, including cameras, signals, renders, Chroma Keyer, and color correction, in a single visually intuitive interface.

“We needed a virtual production platform that could easily integrate with other technologies in the studio in an intuitive, easy-to-use package. With Pixotope, we’re not held back by the technical complexities of talent tracking and the implementation of real time AR graphics. We can focus on creating content that resonates with our audience,” adds Mr. Nathalang.

Amarin TV: Powered by Pixotope

Pixotope provides Amarin TV with a complete out-of-the-box platform for live virtual production. With Pixotope Graphics – AR/VS Edition, Amarin TV can effortlessly transition between different scenes and sets in real time without interruptions or delays, reducing downtime between shows. By enabling instant switching between sets, Pixotope allows Amarin TV to quickly change the distinct look and feel of its news versus entertainment programming. This also enables Amarin TV to quickly deploy more varied virtual advertising opportunities that align with their programming.

Enabling the simultaneous tracking of multiple talents without a green screen, Pixotope Talent Tracking allows for the creation of immersive, interactive news segments where presenters engage with virtual elements in real time, enhancing the visual appeal of the broadcast and allowing for a more natural presentation style. The real-time AI-based virtual reality tracking system is equipped with full body pose estimation, making virtual production a breeze by following every body movement with real-time 3D motion tracking.

“The integration of Pixotope solutions into Amarin TV’s broadcasting framework is not merely an enhancement, but a transformative stride towards the future of production. This collaboration signifies a revolutionary shift in the region’s broadcasting landscape,” says Stephen Wong, Sales Director, SEA at Pixotope. “It’s more than an upgrade – it’s a leap into the future of media production where immersive, interactive and captivating content is the norm rather than the exception.”

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