June 22, 2024
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Tolka announces a major addition to its range. Tolka ADS is a personalized advertisement delivery system that allows broadcasters to deliver specific promotional content and commercials to targeted groups within their transmission footprint. A key feature of Tolka ADS is that no internet return path is needed.

“Tolka ADS combines content insertion and advertisement targeting into a single solution offering a potentially huge return on investment,” says Tolka CEO Michael Day. “It incorporates the personalization facilities that terrestrial, satellite, and cable networks need to survive and prosper in the competitive world of television broadcasting, maximizing viewer interest and potentially increasing response rate. Integral to Tolka ADS is the ability to generate robust reports for business intelligence. The system is largely software-based and occupies a compact physical footprint within a TV station’s premises or at a host playout service facility.”

“A distinguishing feature of Tolka ADS, which we believe to be unique, is the ability to create management campaigns targeting specific audiences,” adds Business Development Manager Alex Day. “This allows channel owners to generate more revenue from their existing subscriber base rather than having to transition to OTT. Advertisers gain a higher conversion rate and can also construct audience databases.”

The Content Insertion capability within Tolka ADS allows broadcasters to insert relevant and localized advertising for audiences across different regions. Easy to integrate with existing playout automation systems, it automatically preschedules and splices video and audio content ahead of transmission, ensuring frame-accurate insertion.  Video and banner ads are fully supported. Segments from one or more compressed program streams can be substituted with alternative content. Time and duration can be precisely specified. Commercials can be tailored to selected demographic groups. The content substitution history can be logged for future reference.