May 29, 2024
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TVU Networks has joined the Adobe Video Solution Partner Program and released a new plug-in for Premiere Pro that allows users to access TVU Search directly from within the interface of the application.
Users will be able to search for and directly access live or archived video sources and bring them directly into an edit session.
Instead of taking hours or days manually searching, the desired video content can now be located in a matter of seconds, easily clipped, and immediately transferred to Premiere Pro for use without leaving their creative canvas or application.
The cloud-based TVU Search solution transforms media discovery with its AI-driven algorithm and automation capabilities.
With the ability to ingest virtually any live video source, TVU Search analyzes and indexes video content in real-time upon ingest and allows users to pinpoint and retrieve exactly the content needed through its intuitive interface.
Premiere Pro users have an extensive array of tools available via the plug-in for creating video clips such as text highlighting from real-time speech-to-text transcripts, integrated player tools with shortcut keys, quick transcript export, and easy mark-in/mark-out timecode configuration.
Being completely cloud-based, TVU Search allows multiple users in multiple locations to access the same content simultaneously.
The integration between TVU Search and Premiere Pro provides a significant advantage to those involved in news and sports production for broadcast, OTT, social media and more.
When being first-to-air with a breaking story or highlight package is key, it is important to have access to content as soon as it happens.
TVU Search has already revolutionized live ingest workflows in the newsroom and now it is available directly to any Adobe Premiere Pro user to search for and find the very latest live content that can be dropped directly into the edit timeline.
“Adobe Premiere Pro is recognized as the industry standard when it comes to video editing,” said Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks.
“Users of the program will now be able to find exactly the content they need for their video projects and bring it directly to their production without ever having to leave the Adobe Premiere Pro interface.
“In addition to saving time and effort, TVU Search will expand content discovery for users, allowing them to create more compelling video projects faster and easier using AI and automation technology.”
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