May 28, 2024
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Among Cosmonova Broadcast products, COSMO|PLAYOUT is one of the most popular cloud solutions. Cosmonova Broadcast is a leading technical solutions provider for TV channel creation and a signal delivery.

The company’s goal is to provide reliable innovations for TV channels and platforms.

Cosmonova Broadcast recently entered the European market and already successfully cooperates with countries such as Germany, Spain, Estonia, Latvia, Poland and Lithuania.

The company’s technical clusters are located on the territory of the European Union, which ensures the convenience and uninterrupted operation of the company’s services.

The Cosmonova Broadcast company became a separate structure of COSMONOVA|NET in 2020. During this time, the company has gained enough knowledge and experience to offer a comprehensive complex of High Tech services for the media industry.

The Cosmonova Broadcast team offers an individual approach to the needs of each client, and also provides partner support and mentoring at every stage of cooperation.

COSMO| PLAYOUT is a cloud-based solution that allows clients to deploy and launch a TV channel in a short period of time and without capital investment, to fill the TV broadcast with pre-created content and live streams using visual effects and animation.

This service combines the capabilities of media storage and a convenient interface for the broadcast automation – a comprehensive solution in one product.

COSMO| PLAYOUT has a wide range of features, such as media storage, broadcast scheduling, adding of the content to the broadcast, animations and rendering effects, the ability to control one or few channels at the same time, live broadcasts management and advertisement placement.

COSMO | PLAYOUT solution is the ideal choice for TV channels, medium-sized enterprises, corporates, companies, studios, IPTV/OTT and hotels that are looking for a reliable and secure way to broadcast video content.

The service is used in two directions: classic and corporate TV. Classic TV channels are delivered to satellite and within cable networks. Corporate TV has been used by businesses for broadcasting on internal and external screens.

One of the key advantages of our service is the security and reliability of file storage in the cloud, which is almost unlimited in volume. It allows us to provide private cloud storage at a more affordable price than public storage.

The service is suitable for TV channels of any type and will satisfy the needs of both large and regional TV channels with a smaller audience. You will be pleasantly surprised by the 24/7 support and the speed of resolving work issues.

Together with the COSMO | PLAYOUT  solution company enables clients to get storage of the required size, and signal delivery in the required format via IP, to a satellite, or to a website or social media using the Stream Online service.

Cosmonova Broadcast company influences the development of the media sphere, cultivating innovative approaches among content producers, optimizing costs, raising the image of Ukrainian IT products on the global media market and creating new software and infrastructure solutions.