April 22, 2024
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The University of Costa Rica (UCR) – one of the five state universities of the Republic of Costa Rica – has decided to renew its AEQ Mar4Suite Pro automation system to the AudioPlus system.

For each frequency an on air license and a production license have been installed, giving a total of three playout licenses and three planner licenses.

The versatility of AudioPlus licenses allows any programmer of any station to make contributions to different frequencies.

If required, the Playout stations can also be multipurpose by being able to integrate two or more players on the same computer that can be diversified at different frequencies.

The most important advantages of migrating from Mar4Suite Pro to AudioPlus are:

– Centralized server in the university’s server´s farm.

– Integration of network units inside AudioPlus, for the massive import/export of audios.

-Cataloguing their sound library by any filter that is required.

-Semi-automated audio imports and standardizations.

-Safe mode: AudioPlus is capable of casting whatever it has loaded in cache without having to depend on a server. In this way, full days or weeks can be automated without the need for connection to a central server.

-Low investment in hardware: Audioplus accepts any audio card on the market, whether professional, semi-professional or low cost. UCR reused cards it used in other applications so as not to lose that investment.

-Full migration process for audios and metadata. No audio was lost in the migration process.

In 2022 the project ended with the installation of two new licenses, the migration of its database and audio server to a more capable one without the need to stop the broadcast by integrating the secure mode.

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