May 30, 2024
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Video Europe, the largest sub-rental provider of cameras, lenses and accessories to the trade in Europe, closed a deal at IBC2022 to add the latest lens from Canon to its inventory.

The company is the first in the market to place orders for the new CN8 lens.

The CN8 lens is a wide-angle zoom, designed for the most demanding of applications including cinematic high dynamic range capture and resolutions up to 8k.

The 15 – 120 mm lens is fitted with enhanced servo drive, but this can be removed for cine-style shooting with other accessories. Lens data for Cooke /I and Zeiss extended data is output for VR and AR projects, with 16-bit precision.

“Our clients today are shooting high-end projects, on Super 35mm as well as full frame digital,” said Matt Marner, director of Video Europe.

“This new lens from Canon gives cinematographers sharpness and detail from edge to edge with a lovely, natural bokeh, beautiful specular highlights and cinematic depth of field.

“Adding the CN8 to our inventory responds to our clients’ continuing expectations that we will offer the finest tools to realise their vision.”

On behalf of Canon Europe, Terry Tajiri (Product and Marketing Director) and Ross Andrews (BCTV Business Manager) would like to thank Video Europe for their continued faith and investment in Canon’s Cine-Servo range with this substantial acquisition of CN8X15 IAS S lenses.

Offering both the broadcast and cinema industry with cutting-edge optical performance suitable for 4K and future 8K productions.

Video Europe expects to take delivery of the first 20 lenses at the end of November 2022 and will be available for immediate rental.