June 22, 2024
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Broadcast engineers can now streamline their workflow with a new tool from Videosys Broadcast.

The company’s new Epsilon 4K base station Camera Control Unit (CCU) is specifically designed to simplify Radio Camera installation by offering a system that is conceptually similar to regular CCU systems supplied by the main camera manufactures.

The system offer familiarity with connection nomenclature ensuring multiple camera set-ups are matched quickly and effectively, with minimum input from operators and vision mixers.

It is primarily configured to operate with the DTC range of transmitters, with optional dual head operation and it also offers up to four channel Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) diversity, with unparalleled receive performance.

Epsilon is already making an impact on the market with companies such as German solutions provider Studio Hamburg MCI GmbH using it for productions where a fast set up time and secure transmission must be guaranteed.

With over 40 years market experience MCI specialises in developing solutions for IT and AV projects. The systems it designs incorporate cutting edge technology so that they deliver exceptional results for the company’s clients.

Nicolai Gajek, Sales Manager for Studio-Hamburg MCI, says: “The Epsilon System from Videosys is a user-friendly wireless camera system. All it needs to do for a single-zone operation is plug in an SMPTE cable and it’s ready to go. Plug-and-play.

“Furthermore, it convinces by combining the components of a video wireless system with telemetry control and fibre conversion in one device.”

Gajek adds that multi-zone operations are also possible, depending on the configuration of the system. “Another great feature is the “Dual Pedestal” licence, which doubles the data rate by doubling the RF bandwidth,” he says.

“This is especially important for high gloss productions where a very high picture quality without latency increase is necessary.”

With its simple touch screen interface and compatibility with existing Videosys Award-winning camera control systems, Epsilon is ideally suited to both Studio and Outside Broadcast events.

The system comprises up to two, dual channel fibre receive slot in modules, RF receiver and decoder options either HD – H264 or H265 up to 4K. In 4K mode Epsilon can operate either single or dual pedestal. Return camera control is Uni or Bi-Directional.

Colin Tomlin, Managing Director of VideoSys Broadcast, adds: “In OBs today the movement of trucks from venue-to-venue places engineers are under intense pressure to deliver facilities with increasingly reduced rig times.

“A tool that makes a radio camera with any control, let alone Bi-Directional control, easier to install and operate is very appealing, particularly for those situations where an RF engineer is not available.

“As a company, we are constantly developing innovative solutions that address the requirements of our customers. Epsilon encapsulates this philosophy by making life easier for people working in studio and outside broadcast environments.”

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