June 15, 2024
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Vislink will feature its solutions for automated, AI-driven remote production for live sports at NACDA 2022 in Las Vegas.
The event, the largest gathering of collegiate administrators in the country, will take place June 26-29. Vislink’s onsite team will be in booth #825.
Vislink’s innovative solutions designed for the collegiate sports market include an NFT-Ready VideoClipping Tool, IQ Sports Producer (IQSP)andvPilot.
The NFT-Ready Video Clipping Tool allows sports organizations to instantly create, edit and publish clips from their live video content for publishing to social media and other platforms.
Clips can be integrated with elements including pre-rolls, post-rolls and overlays, enabling the development and distribution of custom-branded short-form content that is available for licensing by teams and other content owners.
The video clipping tool will be made available initially at no additional charge with the purchase of a livestreaming encoder product from Vislink.
One of the most exciting potential use cases for the Video Clipping Tool is the creation of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs are digital assets that represent real-world objects such as art, music, collectibles and increasingly, videos.
According to a report by Deloitte Global, the most common and lucrative application of NFTs in the sports industry will likely be the sale of limited-edition video clips of sporting moments.
They forecast that NFTs for sports media will generate more than $2 billion in transactions in2022.
The Video Clipping Tool makes it easy to capture, package and convert video clips into NFTs that organizations can use as a revenue source while increasing engagement with their fans.
“The suite of solutions we offer to collegiate institutions can help deepen their relationships with their fan base and monetize their video content,” says Carleton M. Miller, CEO of Vislink.
“Our NFT-ready Video Clipping Tool opens up potentially significant revenue stream opportunities for institutions by leveraging the exploding market for sports video NFTs.
“Our AI-powered sports production systems deliver rich, immersive productions with unrivalled broadcast quality that audiences demand, and new and profitable sources of programming for institutions of any size.
”IQ Sports Producer (IQSP)is a live sports streaming solution that uses sophisticated AI and action tracking technology to create automated productions without an onsite camera team.
Unlike more rudimentary systems, IQSP was engineered to provide professional-grade, broadcast-quality streams and incorporate premium features like high frame rates, agile multi-camera views, adjustable lenses and full panoramic capability, while supporting distribution to social media, OTT and other platforms.
It can also be deployed as an analytics and coaching tool. vPilotis an AI-driven studio content production system that creates professional, multi-camera productions easily and affordably without the need for a camera operator or director team.
Productions can include easy-to-add features like graphics, dynamic ticker tape, overlays and video insertions. vPilot allows engagement-building elements such as statistics, expert commentary and match analysis to be added to the program segments.