June 15, 2024
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Vizrt, the leader in real-time graphics and live production solutions for content creators, today announces that its flagship newsroom HTML-based templated graphics system, Viz Pilot Edge, now integrates with Dalet Galaxy five.

Viz Pilot Edge is designed for the newsroom to help journalists create story-centric, engaging content faster and more efficiently. The recently introduced Viz Pilot Edge 3 features a sleek new web-based interface that makes newsroom graphics production simpler and seamless.

To ensure speed, efficiency, and fast turnaround of stories in the often time-critical live news production environment, Viz Pilot Edge is now directly accessible from the Dalet Galaxy five news production and distribution solution.

A new era for news production 

“At Vizrt, we are committed to continuously empowering newsrooms with the tools and technology to boost workflows and succeed in a rapidly evolving media landscape. This collaboration is a step forward to give journalists the independence and power to elevate storytelling with visually compelling content that audiences expect,” says Ionut Pogacean, Senior Product Manager for Viz Pilot Edge.

This integration brings the powerful templated graphics capabilities of Viz Pilot Edge, directly into Dalet’s solution for unified news operations which helps improve efficiency across the newsroom. Journalists and editors can now access the latest Viz graphical elements directly in their existing Dalet newsroom workflows.

“News professionals must have a seamless experience throughout their day-to-day operations, having Viz Pilot Edge integrated within their existing tools creates this experience,” says Aaron Kroger, Product Marketing Lead for Dalet.

“Newsroom efficiency is enhanced by streamlining the news production process with integrated workflows that reduce time to air for breaking news and scheduled content. Journalists will be able to use the most powerful HTML newsroom graphic plugin on the market, Viz Pilot Edge, in their Dalet Galaxy NRCS to populate stories with graphics and so much more,” adds Pogacean.

For more information about Viz Pilot Edge, please visit: Viz Pilot Edge – Vizrt