May 28, 2024
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Fedor Sidorovitch, Dan Zimbelman (PMC), Yauhen Belsky, Evgeniy Shimanskiy.

UK loudspeaker manufacturer PMC has appointed Wired Tunes to represent its range of professional audio monitoring products in Poland.

Based in Warsaw, the company was established in 2022 by Yauhen Belsky, Fedor Sedorovich and Evgeniy Shimanskiy who have all been involved in the music and recording industry for many years.

The company currently represents a number of pro audio brands including API, Lynx, PSI, RND, Bettermaker and Merging Technologies.

Primarily a music showroom, Wired Tunes’ shop floor is divided into several zones where music makers can try out different products. The company also offers online sales and delivers throughout Poland.

As PMC’s distributor in Poland, Wired Tunes will handle and promote the company’s complete professional range including the recently launched PMC6, PMC6-2 and PMC8-2 models and their associated subwoofers.

These compact, state-of-the-art near-and midfield monitors – the result of five years of research and development – are already redefining the listening experience for every audio professional, whether they are working in stereo or large-scale immersive formats.

Dan Zimbelman, PMC’s Senior Export Business Development Manager, says: “Wired Tunes are very serious about offering exceptional products and services to their customers, who include musicians, producers and recording studio owners.

“At PMC we are confident that their professional approach, combined with excellent demo facilities, will give our products extensive exposure in the Polish market and this, in turn, will help us increase brand awareness and sales.”

Wired Tunes’ Commercial Director, Yauhen Belsky, says: “We are delighted to be representing a brand of the stature of PMC and we already have the company’s new range of monitors, along with result6 nearfield monitors, on display in our acoustically accurate demo facility.

“We will be adding more models to our stock over coming weeks, allowing our clients to realise the benefits of PMC monitoring in every size and format.”

Belsky adds that there is plenty of demand for high quality pro audio products such as PMC from Polish recording professionals, and this is already culminating in orders, especially for the new PMC6.

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