May 18, 2024
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Xytech Systems will mark the next phase in the evolution of its Media Operations Platform™ by launching a new mobile-native interface.

The slimmed-down Mobile Operations version captures the most crucial web platform features for use across any smartphone or tablet to empower production crews and creatives to remotely manage people, resources, and assets efficiently.

It offers users on-the-go functionalities and remote access to contacts, schedule, and time cards.

Keith Buckley, Chief Executive Officer, Xytech Systems, said: “I’m excited that we’re the first company in the Media Operations space to pave the way towards mobile-native workflows.

“Our next-gen UX will prioritize creatives on the go with an easy-to-use application that enables them to review their schedule, process time cards, and perform work order start times.

“It’s clear that distributed remote productions continue to prevail as the leading workflow requirement for crews and creatives, making our Mobile Operations offering crucial for succeeding in today’s production landscape.”

 The next-generation mobile user experience (UX) is built on top of an open-source framework that taps into the latest event-driven JavaScript Runtime environment to split the app into three distinct sections:


  • Contacts – where users can search for any contact by name or job function and sort their profiles alphabetically, as well as add any additional notes, to provide comprehensive data to their workflows


  • Schedule – easy to create activities amongst teams, with specific time frame highlights that allow for more efficient planning and better resource management


  • Time cards – with any request submitted, users can review and approve work order start times in seconds, regardless of location or time


Through its highly maintained open-source library and widely deployed tech, the app leverages a more dynamic and faster environment that can scale when needed.

David White, Chief Product Officer, Xytech Systems, said: “This is a monumental step forward for users of our Media Operations platform and the broadcast production industry.

“Being able to decentralize operations with the simple touch of a button, regardless of location, is something that our customers have continually asked for.

“The ability to browse, search, review, and comment will surely be welcomed by users who are already accustomed to the web platform version and are looking for ease of use, cost-efficiency, and scalability.

“I look forward to seeing the early reactions to our demoware on the show floors of IBC in Amsterdam.”

The app also implements mobile-friendly features such as face ID login for quick launch into the dashboard, reminders for key events, support for dynamic changes in platforms to accommodate and fill any screen width while maintaining usability, and real-time notifications alerting users to the latest changes in their workflows.

These features ensure that the company remains positioned to manage any end-to-end media operations lifecycle across any environment.