April 17, 2024
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BriteShot co-founder Roy McDonald

BriteShot, which makes LED lighting solutions for television, film and events, has shifted its manufacturing strategy to help venues re-open safely amidst the Covid-19 outbreak. In order to make the most of its resources during these challenging times, BriteShot is now specialising in innovative Coronavirus air filtering and decontamination products.

“At Briteshot we aim to have our decontamination technology be a factor in helping entertainment venues, restaurants and more reopen their doors in a safe and effective way,” said Roy McDonald, co-founder at BriteShot. “It’s been a difficult year within the entertainment space as facilities have been forced to close their doors or reduce capacity, greatly impacting revenue and job security across the board. To help ease customers back into business, we dedicated countless hours in production and testing to provide a solution that will keep artists, staff and audience members safe while we continue to enjoy doing what we love.”

Founded in 2009, BriteShot embarked on a three-year research and development process to bring its first product, The Luminator, to market. Ever since, the company has been hard at work with a customer-minded focus – namely, to develop lighting products and patented technologies that provide unlimited creative possibilities while reducing production costs. As the company has shifted its R&D approach over the past year, it is now capable of offering both lighting and decontamination solutions to customers including restaurants, theatres, concert halls, houses of worship, educational facilities and more.

Mitigating Covid-19 exposure in indoor environments, BriteShot’s decontamination solutions include its AirAffair air filtration system and ShelteX decontamination tent. The AirAffair system utilises cutting-edge technology to purify and sterilise the air from existing HVAC systems and can act as a standalone unit in any given environment. The ShelteX decontamination tent is a fully enclosed structure constructed from high-density polypropylene that supports social distancing protocols. Together, these products can provide an ultimate solution for protecting patrons as indoor gatherings begin to take place once more.

Offering both professional lighting and decontamination solutions, BriteShot has positioned itself as an ideal manufacturing partner for entertainment venues around the world. McDonald added: “With years of knowledge in the film, television and theatre industry and listening to our customer’s needs, we will continue our mission to deliver revolutionary technology as we move forward with more exciting products in the pipeline.”