July 13, 2024
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Cementing an ongoing working relationship with production company and long-standing client NVP, Video Progetti has recently concluded a programme of advising and supplying a range of UHD and HDR-ready production and broadcast technologies as part of NVP’s newest OB7 van fleet upgrade.

A collaborative project headed by NVP CEO Ivan Pintabona, with bodywork completed by Tommasini, Video Progetti’s recommendation for technical setup represents the strategic backbone of the project. With Pintabona’s intention to make the OB7 the flagship of the NVP fleet, the ability to deliver UHD and HDR productions was the central point of focus. But in line with Video Progetti’s wider philosophy of client engagement, it was important to think not only of the deployment of cutting-edge solutions, but also the wider business case of the organisation, the strategic contribution of each technological element, and their interplay within the installation as a whole – both in terms of technological integration as well as logistics and ergonomics.

This resulted in the inclusion of both 5G public internet access and a flexible and powerful Sirius 800 hybrid router to facilitate direct connection with final users, allowing them to interact with live content through the distribution system. Machine learning and artificial intelligence tools also constitute a significant advancement in this new OB7 van.

Based around the aforementioned Sirius 800 router, the following solutions were integrated: Grass Valley LDX86N cameras (with the van capable of accommodating up to 32); Grass Valley Kahuna switchers; Grass Valley KMX-3921 multiviewers; five Telestream Prism SDI/IP waveform monitors; Telestream SPG signal stream generators; TV Logic monitors; a Lawo audio mixing console; and a Wohler audio monitor.

Set to be deployed for both national and international productions, NVP’s OB7 van has already completed its first major undertaking – live coverage of the the Napoli vs Spezia Serie A football match.

Reflecting on this first project, Pintabona commented: “We were delighted with how the van performed. The technologies deployed not only facilitated the creation of an exceptionally high-quality broadcast, they [also] worked together seamlessly and were intuitive for the team to use. This kind of installation contributes to NVP’s overall strategic position in the market. It achieves this firstly by cementing our reputation for quality broadcast and an ability to always meet the demands of clients, and ultimately, viewers. But more than this, it contributes to our operational efficiency and our organisational flexibility; with IP connectivity to the cloud and a decent set of wheels, we can go anywhere and undertake any kind of project. As usual, Video Progetti’s expertise sits at the heart of our innovation and progress in the field of production.”

Video Progetti CEO Carlo Struzzi commented: “Working with NVP is always a pleasure. After a number of OB van projects undertaken together, we have a real understanding in terms of vision and purpose – particularly in relation to the idea that technology represents a tool for enhanced creativity, not an end in itself. It’s a symbiotic relationship where we build on the expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm of each other.”