July 13, 2024
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Calrec has signalled that it is investing further in staff, especially in key positions, with the news that Helen Jones is rejoining the firm – this time in the role of Operations Manager.

In her new position, Jones will ensure that manufacturing and operations meet the demands of the business for quality, on-time delivery and team development.

Sid Stanley, General Manager, Calrec, comments: “This appointment is another example of Calrec continuing its investment in the future, both ours and that of our customers. We’re always striving to improve our production efficiency and quality, using the latest techniques. The COVID era will bring new challenges to our supply chain and the we way work, challenges that we will face head on so our customers remain unaffected. Helen’s role will be to ensure that operationally we stay ahead of a fast evolving and changing business environment, combining her great knowledge of Calrec with her leadership and management experiences to take Operations to the next level.”

Jones is very well-versed in the latest production models, has extensive project management experience, and as a former engineer at Calrec understands broadcast customer needs and requirements. She has a strong track record in the industry.

Jones comments: “We need to work in as agile a way as possible, being as responsive to short notice demands as possible while never compromising on quality. Calrec is an innovative company that puts both technical capabilities and quality control first, which is hugely important given the challenging times we’re all in. My decision to return to the company was an easy one, and I’m excited to execute my skills and knowledge to effectively manage my team and quality of the products so that our customers truly benefit.”