July 12, 2024
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Custom Consoles has confirmed the completion of a MediaWall, measuring 5 metres wide by 3 metres high, at BBC Studioworks in Elstree, Hertfordshire. The new structure has been installed in the production control gallery employed for the supervision of programmes from the George Lucas Stage.

BBC Studioworks operates a complete gallery suite assigned to the George Lucas Stages at Elstree Studios, supporting large-scale TV productions. The galleries have direct access to Stages 1 and 2 and have hosted shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice, and A League of Their Own. George Lucas used Stages 1 and 2 during the filming of the Star Wars trilogy and welcomed the opportunity of naming Stage 1 the George Lucas Stage. Fully soundproofed, the stage is 1,465 sqm in area and 15 metres high.

Located in front of the production control desk, the MediaWall spans almost the full width of the gallery’s front wall and supports 44 video monitors as well as their associated under-monitor displays. A studio clock display and speakers are also attached. Four storage cabinets are positioned at floor level, accommodating power and signal distribution equipment.

Gary Fuller, Custom Consoles sales manager, comments: “Introduced in 2006, MediaWall continues to be in strong demand among broadcasters, production studios and playout service providers around the world. Based on robust and attractively styled standard components, it complements our Module-R range of control room desks and storage bays by offering the same design versatility and potential for fast delivery.”

MediaWall’s modularity allows flat-screen monitor displays of practically any size to be constructed from standard horizontal and vertical support elements. Individual or multiple frames can be used in fully self-supporting configurations or coupled directly to the studio wall. Screens can be positioned so that the edges meet exactly to form a continuous horizontal display limited only by the boundary of the monitor panel. All wiring is fully concealed and can enter or leave the structure at any desired point. MediaWall is available in any required element widths.