May 30, 2024
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VideoAI workflow from Comcast Technology Solutions

Comcast Technology Solutions has announced the launch of a new service, Video Artificial Intelligence (VideoAI), for customers across the globe.

VideoAI is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) that helps companies understand and analyze video (live and on-demand), audio, and closed captions to create actionable metadata around content assets, generate and manage new content, improve advertising efficiency, and streamline operations.

VideoAI is based on commercial-scale implementations created and deployed by Comcast, NBCUniversal, and Sky. Comcast Technology Solutions now provides this capability to the broader media and entertainment industry as a fully managed, 24×7 service.

Customers can use VideoAI to automatically analyze their video assets to identify and tag key onscreen moments (hard cuts, black frames, transitions, etc.); audio events (silence, specific sounds, etc.), and much more to support enhanced understanding of video content.

The underlying technology for VideoAI has been applied across millions of video assets to create such features as metadata segmentation for dynamic ad insertion (DAI); segmentation detection, such as detecting intros, credit rolls, auto-chaptering; and creating automated on-screen highlight reels during live sporting events.

With VideoAI, content owners, operators, and advertisers can now work with Comcast Technology Solutions to develop their own business use cases and deploy them using a secure, flexible, and ready-to-use service.

“VideoAI from Comcast Technology Solutions is a potential game changer,” said Fraser Stirling, Global Chief Product Officer, Comcast and Sky.

“With VideoAI as a managed service, companies can quickly launch a range of AI-powered video services at scale, and benefit from the investments we’ve made internally, to drive their own business objectives forward.”

“VideoAI was designed to help our customers remove the complexity of leveraging these technologies effectively across their video content and advertising businesses,” said Bart Spriester, Vice President and General Manager of the Content and Streaming Providers Suite for Comcast Technology Solutions.

“At Comcast Technology Solutions, we are relentlessly focused on helping our customers understand and deliver their content in new ways, improve workflow efficiency, and drive automation.

“VideoAI is a technological advancement on all those fronts. Best of all, our solutions have been proven and deployed at scale from some of the largest operators and content creators in the world.

“We look forward to working with operators, content creators, and advertisers across the globe on new VideoAI initiatives.”

Comcast Technology Solutions is a division of Comcast Cable, that provides media and entertainment technology to content providers, operators, and advertisers,