May 28, 2024
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CueScript, a developer of professional prompting solutions, will present its various PTZ teleprompter solutions at IBC 2023.

The company will also showcase its new custom teleprompter solution designed specifically for the Sony Electronics’ FR7 PTZ camera.

CueScript’s patent-pending mounting solutions enable the use of a PTZ camera with a prompter, and are compatible with the industry’s leading PTZ manufacturers, including BirdDog, Bolin, Canon, Panasonic and Sony.

Using CueScript, the PTZ camera mounts upside down in the top of a specially designed prompter hood.

Mounting the system this way significantly reduces the operational limitations of a PTZ camera within a prompter; the PTZ has greater movement in the shots it can achieve.

Additionally, users no longer need to use high payload taking, expensive tripods, as the CueScript PTZ mount makes using a lighting stand possible.

CueScript’s PTZ prompting solutions are comprised of a monitor of varying sizes, a specially designed hood and a PTZ mount for a tripod or lighting stand. A wall-mount version is also available.

CueScript also recently developed a new custom solution centered around the Sony Electronics’ FR7 PTZ Camera, which will be making its European debut at IBC 2023.

Four prompting solutions are available, of various sizes and catered to a range of budgets, for Sony Electronics’ unique, full-frame sensor and interchangeable lens PTZ camera.

The FR7 is unique from other PTZ cameras in that it features a full-frame cinema sensor and interchangeable lenses. CueScript’s existing PTZ prompting solutions would not have worked for this camera since the form factor of this PTZ is so unique.

CueScript designed a custom prompting solution that ensures that the camera is in the ideal position for capture, giving customers access to the interchangeable lens and also providing a reliable, high-quality teleprompter.

“With the need for PTZ’s on the rise in traditional broadcast applications, we designed several PTZ prompting options for our customers to meet this growing trend,” says Michael Accardi, President, CueScript.

“While PTZ’s allow for more cameras in more locations, the on-air talent still require a prompter, and we have designed solutions that do not restrict the operation of the PTZ.

“In addition, Sony’s new FR7 PTZ Camera necessitated a custom solution because of its unique form-factor, and with many of our customers adopting this new camera; we designed this specific solution for them.”