May 29, 2024
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Custom Consoles has released details of a new ergonomic upgrade and new colour style for its EditOne workstation. Formerly configured with a curved front edge for use by a single operator, the enhanced design now features a straight front edge to allow easy use by two people.

The desk and its optional auxiliary equipment pedestal are now available with powder coated RAL 7043 traffic grey vertical panels, as well as a choice of Marmoleum or laminate work desktop and shelf surfaces.

“Now heading into its eighth year of production, EditOne was designed for use in video postproduction suites,” said Custom Consoles sales manager Gary Fuller. “Aggressively priced and shipped as flat-pack for easy self-assembly, it has proved popular in many media facilities needing free-standing furniture which can be repositioned easily in response to increasing staff levels or evolving work patterns. The straight front edge is in response to requests from users who frequently find themselves working alongside a colleague – for example and an editor and a producer. The new colour scheme matches our Module-R range of control-room desks and equipment storage pods to allow greater styling consistency in technical facilities with both types of furniture.”

EditOne goes beyond traditional rectangular desk styling by using using sculpted MDF support panels rather than metal legs. Its curved theme is carried through to the raised monitor shelf. Front and rear corners of the desk and auxiliary pedestal have a large radius, free from sharp protrusions and contributing to the ultra-modern appearance. The EditOne desk incorporates three equipment pods with a collective 9U of rack space. These form the base of a monitor shelf. Full cable management is provided, and power distribution is optional. An auxiliary equipment pedestal with an additional 11U of rack space and an integral worktop can be positioned to the left or right of the desk.

An available-to-order variant also now available in the new colour scheme, the EditOne-Radio desk is designed for use in radio interview suites, presentation studios and voiceover booths. Studio guest work surfaces can be attached to left or right the side of the EditOne-Radio desk, or on both sides, bridging across to an optional 11U equipment pedestal. Three mounting points are located along the rear of the desk to accommodate a microphone and flat screen display monitors. An additional mounting point can be used to support the guest microphone. The guest’s work surface is fitted with an acoustically damped surface to minimise noise.

EditOne and EditOne-Radio can be assembled in less than an hour using the supplied Allen key and screwdriver, whilst an on-site assembly service is available if required.