May 30, 2024
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Independent video software provider Synamedia has announced that its security and watermarking solutions are now integrated with Akamai, the intelligent edge platform for securing and delivering digital experiences, to protect customers’ streaming OTT content.

As a result, Synamedia’s solutions now detect and disrupt pirate streams in real-time over the Akamai Intelligent Edge Platform and redirect viewers to legitimate services. The integration of Synamedia’s Streaming Piracy Disruption (SPD) managed service with Akamai’s platform gives rights holders and content owners an added layer of anti-piracy enforcement and revenue protection.

Taking advantage of Synamedia’s intelligence-first security approach, the Synamedia EverGuard counter-piracy operations centre predicts which client devices will be used by pirates to leak content and determines the effectiveness of different actions, including quarantining agents and prosecution, to cause maximum pain. SPD uses resilient watermark injection and verification technologies, as well as smart agents embedded in the headend and client devices to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive end-to-end solution.

“When illegal streams are disrupted, particularly during live sports, viewers tend to give up on pirated streams and switch to legal services. Akamai’s platform is used by many of our pay-TV and OTT customers, and this integration will strengthen their ability to combat piracy at speed and scale,” commented Yael Fainaro, senior vice-president, security at Synamedia.

Amit Kasturia, senior manager of media product management at Akamai, commented: “Our scalable and secure edge watermarking integrations are intended to help customers identify pirates’ attempts to capture content and minimise illegal distribution. The seamless integration of Synamedia’s intelligence-led security solutions with our platform can offer customers a quicker way of shutting down illegal streams, which is critical for the success of streaming rights for live sports.”

Synamedia is now a member of Akamai’s Media Technology Partner programme. The programme is designed to foster interoperability and referral agreements between Akamai and best-of-breed third-party solutions providers to give customers a range of options in selecting workflow components that work seamlessly with Akamai solutions deployed on the Akamai platform.

Synamedia now has more than 30 years’ experience in developing video security solutions and created what is described as the ‘longest unpacked solution on the market’. Since its inception, Synamedia’s operational security team has brought many criminals to the attention of law enforcement officials. As of the latest figures, Synamedia protects approximately $70bn in operator revenues every year.