June 15, 2024
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Grass Valley has released three new SDI/IP production solutions for cameras, switchers and replay.

The tools are designed not only to provide high-quality images, but also to reduce complexity with a common workflow regardless of the format(s), simple set up for any UHD/3G/HD resolution, and massive I/O scaling.

They also benefit from the latest in IP and 4K UHD technology.

The three new products are the GV K-Frame XP Standard Video Production Center, the LDX 150 and LiveTouch 2000.

The GV K-Frame XP Standard Video Production Center offers users the flexibility to operate in any format, from HD to 4K UHD 2160p, and 192 x 96 I/Os in IP, SDI or both.

The full raster video processing provides a maximum of nine M/Es, each with six keyers, and 16 optional 3D iDPMs for any production. Show files are compatible on all K-Frame engines and all Kayenne, Karrera and Korona control surfaces can drive the new XP.

The LDX 150 is believed to be the only camera that brings triple-speed UHD with global shutter and wide colour gamut acquisition on a native IP backbone.

The new Xenios imager, paired with the global shutter, means enhanced sensitivity with increased sharpness in fine structures and life-like images, a wide dynamic range in HDR, an improved signal-to-noise ratio and additional depth of field, even in low light conditions.

It also offers built-in JPEG XS compression that can be natively streamed over IP with no additional CCUs or server boxes.

LiveTouch 2000 is the next generation of Grass Valley’s replay and highlights system. The latest version is an ultra-high density video server that offers up to 12 UHD/24 HD channels in 3RU.

The intuitive interface is designed to make instant replay workflows quick and easy, in HD or UHD, suited for studio and sports applications.

“We recognise that our customers are facing a huge demand for premium content like 1080p HDR or 4K UHD, while at the same time trying to manage the complexities of developing that content,” said Marco Lopez, general manager of live production at Grass Valley.

“Everything we develop at Grass Valley seeks to balance those requirements of enabling the best in live media production while making it simpler and more manageable to create.

“Grass Valley’s SDI, IP and cloud-native portfolio ensures our customers can continue to produce the exciting live content for which they are known. We are extremely proud to bring these latest enhancements to market and look forward to the live productions they will be part of.”