May 28, 2024
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Gravity Media returned to New York to facilitate the broadcast of the 142nd consecutive edition of the US Open tennis tournament.

Getting everything rigged and ready for the first day’s play required a full Gravity Media crew of over 150 individuals arriving on site in early August, installing and testing the core host broadcast facilities.

On site at peak periods, Gravity Media deployed over 70 talented technical crew members plus an additional 81 expert production and technical crew to facilitate coverage.

Across the tournament, Gravity Media was responsible for providing extensive coverage of the entire US Open Tennis Championship.

Gravity Media has successfully facilitated the host, domestic and international production facilities as well as the unilateral facilities.

The technical set up on site involved the Gravity Media team setting up five production control rooms for the host linear courts production with four associated audio control rooms, one PCR & ACR for domestic production, one multi-transmission control room for international, 14 ViBox production desks for outer court production and two associated audio control rooms.

In addition to this, the team deployed a full EVS VIA server and infrastructure, with over 30 servers, 15+ XTAs and 20+ IP directors as well as three online Avid Symphony Edits,  seven “Lite” Media Composers Edits and two after effects stations plus three voice-over booths and three announce booths.

The team also deployed NetCams across three course, three “Towel Cams” – mini PTZ cameras on Ashe, 11 MRMC AFC 100’s, 32 “Special Cams” around the grounds and on the courts, RF Gimbal Cameras and 10 RF Cameras capturing site wide coverage.