April 17, 2024
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KILOVIEW, a leading provider of IP video transmission solutions, will launch the N60 – a powerful 4K UHD bi-directional converter for both HDMI to NDI and NDI to HDMI – at NAB 2022 in Las Vegas.

The N60 uniquely integrates both NDI High-bandwidth and NDI|HX into one converter and is the industry’s first converter to directly support USB to NDI signal conversion.

This all-in-one technology is designed to simplify and streamline workflows in any professional IP-based video transmission environment including broadcast, news-gathering, sports, concerts, medical imaging, and live event while maintaining superior performance.

 N60 is the upgraded version of KILOVIEW’s popular N6 adding support for 4K UHD and support for both major NDI protocols giving unrivalled color depth and transmission efficiency at an unbeatable price.

Unlike other conversion products there is no need to compromise on high quality or low latency since the N60 deliver both under the most demanding of professional broadcast and AV environments.

 Features of the N60 include:

  • NDI and NDI|HX: Both protocols supported with encoding and decoding functionality combined all in one small form factor
  • Better color performance: Up to YCbCr 4:2:2 and 10bits color depth
  • High quality and low latency: 4K video bi-directional transmission with failsafe HDMI input and output when every millisecond counts.
  • Built-in IPS LCD screen: Quick, smart and clear presentation of all vital parameters for intuitive live direction
  • Scroll wheel: Customize user settings and/or switch and control all video sources with ultimate ease
  • Bring 4K USB video into NDI: For customers using USB 4K camera sources, the N60 simply connects to the USB video and transmits it to a 4K NDI source opening up even more possibilities in your NDI production environment.

“Our customers have requested a way of incorporating an array of 4K and HD video sources into their live streaming set-ups and we’ve not only delivered on that but gone even further,” commented Judy Zuo, the VP and Head of Sales & Marketing.

“For broadcasters who are strict on video quality, the N60 can provide high quality 4K video transmission with up to 10 bit color depth, low latency.

“For customers who are producing live events across multiple venues, the N60 simplifies their AV-over-IP infrastructure needs by integrating bi-directionality in one simple solution, reducing the maze of set-up time and eliminating confusion.

“Having to work out which encoder or decoder element in the chain accepts NDI or a NDI|HX stream is not only a headache, it is time-consuming and can lead to mistakes. It’s a common issue because some decoders can only work with one or other source.

“Using the N60 however, there is no need worry about this step since it will accept both NDI|HX and NDI or output either of them. There’s no need to configure different NDI formats. Simply use one N60 to encode or decode and away you go.”

“And for those customers who are working on a live show where the producer or director needs to frequently switch and adjust the show parameters, the N60 is the perfect partner enabling quick, easy and reliable production with a host of benefits such as built-in IPS LCD screen and intercom service.”

Zuo added: “We are very excited to return to NAB and to have the chance to present the N60 to existing customers and new clients alike. We do invite you to visit us and learn more about how our solutions might help your business.

“The best news of all is that KILOVIEW always offers the most affordable price for products that deliver maximum performance.”

At NAB Show 2022 the KILOVIEW team is exhibiting on the Vizrt Group stand, N2619. Visit for a N60 product demo and to find out more about all the other KILOVIEW innovations.