July 12, 2024
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Claudia Brücken at PMC London for her album playback.

PMC Studio London, the Dolby Atmos-equipped demo facility owned by loudspeaker manufacturer PMC, hosted a playback session for xPropaganda.

The band was formed by Claudia Brücken and Susanne Freytag, the two original vocalists from the German electronic band Propaganda.

xPropaganda fans and competition winners joined superfans, members of the press and music industry executives to hear the Dolby Atmos mix of the band’s new album The Heart Is Strange.

The mix was created by producer Steve Lipson, who not only recorded this album but was also responsible for producing Propaganda’s seminal 1985 release A Secret Wish.

Acclaimed recording and mix engineer Heff Moraes offered to host the playback session at PMC Studio London so that those attending could appreciate this truly immersive experience by hearing the music through world class loudspeakers.

Moraes, who acts as a brand ambassador for PMC products and works closely with producers and artists to introduce them to the Dolby Atmos mixing process, says: “Listening to a well-crafted Atmos mix is incredibly moving, especially when you experience it in an acoustically accurate environment, through PMC’s award-winning loudspeakers.

“I knew this playback was important to Steve, who I have known since the 1980s when we both worked together. Therefore, I was keen to make the space available to him and give everyone present an experience I knew they would never forget.

“The new album is extraordinary – intricate, exciting and full of almost cinematic, widescreen soundscapes.

“It really lends itself to the Dolby Atmos immersive audio treatment and I was delighted that so many people were able to enjoy it through the exceptional loudspeakers that we have at PMC Studio.”

Steve Lipson, who created the Dolby Atmos mix at his own studio in London, adds: “Listening to the Atmos mixes of xPropaganda’s album at PMC Studios has been such a thrill.

“The mixes translate perfectly and it’s wonderful to hear the project through such an extraordinarily powerful system.”

PMC’s range of loudspeakers are rapidly becoming the de fact standard for Dolby Atmos facilities, not least because the company has championed this format for music for more than five years.

During this time PMC has built numerous Atmos monitoring systems for many top studios including Capitol in Los Angeles and Dean Street Studio in London.

PMC’s CEO Jeff Willcocks says: “Dolby Atmos for music is incredibly exciting because it gives artists and producers boundless creative possibilities. However, it is still a relatively new format and there are many producers who still haven’t explored its potential.

“For this reason, we are always happy to make our demo facilities in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and New York available to those who want to push the boundaries.”

The Heart Is Strange will be released on May 20th through ZTT/UMC and the Dolby Atmos mix will be available through various streaming services including Apple Music.