July 13, 2024
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The company is now using the compliance platform for major clients, including RTL Nederland and RTL Hungary


Melbourne, Australia – 20 February 2024: Mediaproxy, the global standard for software-based IP compliance solutions, has worked with BCE to install its LogServer compliance technology in the European services provider’s Network Operations Centre (NOC). The system will also be used by systems administrators and two of its customers, RTL Nederland and RTL Hungary, with the latter having access from its headquarters.


With premises in Luxembourg, France and Germany, BCE provides technology and a range of technical services for production, post-production, digital media operations, streaming, OTT, broadcast, and distribution. It works in various market sectors, including media, sport, fashion, and business, with more than 400 clients around the world.


BCE’s most recent commercial innovation was the introduction of Media-as-a-Service during 2023. Right now this platform is made up of three distinct modules: remote commentary, fan engagement and cloud playout. The NOC is key to the services layer of this offering, providing high-end, seamless preparation, operation, and continuity to BCE’s customers.


Mediaproxy’s LogServer was selected by BCE because it has a range of features not found in competing compliance products. These include advanced handling of SCTE 104 and SCTE-35 ad insertion markers, multi-language DVB Subtitle monitoring, as well as its channel density and potential for implementing CaaS (Compliance Recording-as-a-Service).


“Mediaproxy stands out in our environment, delivering unmatched compliance and monitoring benefits,” comments Nicolas Serrès, Head of Architecture at BCE. “With unique features like inputs for MPTS, SCTE35 analysis, to name but two, it meets the critical needs of customers such as RTL Nederland and RTL Hungary. It is an essential tool for BCE’s NOC, systems administrators and customers, who can access it seamlessly from their location.”


Mediaproxy’s Chief Executive Erik Otto adds, “BCE is a leading facilities specialist in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region and we are pleased to be working with them. They are looking at new ways of providing technology and technical support to their broadcast clients, notably with Media-as-a-Service. LogServer will be a key part of this and we look forward to helping BCE develop new operational methods in the future.”