May 30, 2024
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Øystein G. Brun at Crosound Studio, Norway.

Crosound Studio, a recording facility owned by acclaimed producer and musician Øystein G. Brun, is the first in Norway to install PMC 6-2 monitors.

Established in 2016 and based in the idyllic countryside near Bergen, Crosound Studio was initially intended as a base for Brun’s own projects, but as the studio developed it became a focal point for other musicians who wanted to record, mix and master there.

As a result, Brun decided to upgrade his monitoring from PMC result6 to PMC 6-2.

“I was very happy with my result6 monitors, which I bought four or five years ago,” Brun explains. “They introduced me to the sonic excellence of PMC and were a big step up from my previous monitors in terms of transparency and precision.

“For a long time, I thought they would keep me going for the rest of my career, but as my studio expanded and the acoustics in the room changed, I began to feel I needed bigger monitors with more low end and more focus in the mid range – more power in general.”

“PMC6-2 seemed like the perfect option for me as they fitted my ambition of creating a genuine mastering grade studio,” Brun explains. “It’s in my nature, as a producing musician, to always move forward and seek perfection.

“These monitors truly delivered beyond all my expectations, and I love them. The first time I heard them they sounded so good that my jaw dropped to the floor.”

Impressively powerful but with a firm and accurate low end, is how Brun describes them, adding that the mid range is ‘magical’ and ‘mind blowing’.

“PMC’s result6 monitors are indeed great, but the clarity and focus of the 6-2s, especially in the mid range, is just beyond anything I have heard before,” he says.

As an international artist with a music industry career that spans nearly 30 years, Brun is ideally placed to know what he likes when it comes to recording equipment.

“Being the main composer and lyricist of my band Borknagar, I have always had a firm grip on our productions, as a producer or co-producer,” Brun says. “I have worked in many studios, with many engineers, and have a lot of studio experience.”

Borknagar, which was formed by Brun in 1995, is a heavy metal band that combines black and folk metal with progressive and melodic elements – a style that has led some reviewers to describe the band as the ‘Pink Floyd of metal’.

Signed to Century Media Records/Sony Music, Borknagar has released 12 albums and notched up record sales of 1.5 million, not to mention several entries on the Billboard US and national European charts.

Brun’s extensive studio experience with Borknagar and Cronian, a progressive/avant-garde metal band that he started in 2004, informed his equipment buying decisions for his own studio where he wanted to create the best sound possible.

He feels he has achieved this by combining analogue and digital technology and choosing equipment from top manufacturers such as Solid State Logic, Universal Audio, Steinberg and Dangerous Music.

After a year of intensive touring Øystein G. Brun is now back in the studio working on tracks for a new Borknagar album that is scheduled for release in 2024.

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