May 29, 2024
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The Trusted Partner Network (TPN), the leading global film and television content security initiative, has announced the launch of its enhanced program with a new membership model, application and cloud content security assessments, and the TPN+ platform.

TPN, which is fully owned by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), is leveraging the updated MPA Content Security Best Practices v5.0 to expand its scope to include software application and cloud security in addition to site and work-from-home security assessments.

With this expansion and the launch of the new TPN+ platform, TPN is bolstering its program to keep pace with rapid change and evolution throughout the media and entertainment industry.

TPN serves as a community network and source of truth that centralizes communication of content security preparedness for Content Owners and Service Providers in an industry where supply chains from script to screen continue to grow in complexity.

TPN’s new membership model is tiered to encourage participation from all global stakeholders, ranging from individual contributors to large-scale pre- and post-production companies, software application providers, and all Content Owners.

TPN+ is custom-built for member companies to manage and communicate content security status, including non-TPN security certificates such as ISO and Soc2, as well as complete TPN questionnaires and assessments based on the MPA Content Security Best Practices and guidelines.

“With the launch of its enhanced program, TPN is taking a crucial step toward ensuring the security of all content produced by our members,” said Karyn Temple, Senior Executive Vice President and Global General Counsel of the MPA.

“Content security is a top priority of the MPA, TPN and all of our member studios, whose ability to produce the films and TV shows audiences love depends on our ability to protect and secure that content.”

“At MPA and TPN, our goal is to support content creators from script to screen,” said Terri Davies, President of TPN.

“This new iteration of the TPN program is a huge leap forward in providing an enhanced solution. TPN is designed for all companies in the media and entertainment ecosystem who are committed to keeping content safe.

“We very much look forward to continued collaboration with our Service Provider and Content Owner members, as well as our Assessor partners, as we maintain forward momentum to keep pace with the rapid transformation and technology advancements in our industry.”

The TPN+ platform provides standardization, expanded functionality, greater flexibility, and multi-layered transparency of security status to global content owners.

The platform unlocks self-serve functionality for service providers to communicate their content security status in a centralized and accelerated manner, resulting in enhanced visibility to content owners, time savings, and a reduction in duplicative assessment efforts.

For content owners, TPN+ provides guidance that enables independent and informed decision-making.

The new platform achieves this with a simplified process of assessing service provider partners’ security preparedness to ensure content is secure throughout the media supply chain.

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