May 30, 2024
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The new releases of the popular multiviewing tool by the German manufacturer Guntermann & Drunck impress with higher resolutions and even more flexibility in image output.

The PersonalWorkplace-Controller is a fully integrated solution that supports the smooth operation of complex activities and processes in control rooms or control centers. More and more image and video signals are now entering the control room, where they need to be monitored, controlled, and managed. Employees as well as teams have to process a lot of visual information, analyze information and coordinate activities. This is often carried out on many screens at different places in the room. With the all-rounder by the German manufacturer, workflows and processes can be conveniently operated from one monitor by flexibly displaying multiple sources. The latest generation of the PersonalWorkplace-Controller will be launched at the beginning of 2024. The system captures and transmits up to 27 image sources to up to four 5K displays or other screen configurations as well as additional IP streams. Each source can be dynamically scaled, repositioned, and controlled.

Individual configuration optimizes workflows
Instead of using a separate monitor for each process, the PersonalWorkplace-Controller captures and transmits multiple video signals and streams to a larger monitor or multiple displays. Working areas can be flexibly configured, scaled, and arranged using different computer sources and video streams. The image sources can be individually overlapped, cropped, or protected against each other without being restricted to the conventional four- or six-image layout. Users can easily switch between saved presets making the system quick and easy to use even with different application or by different employees.

In addition to the clear visualization on one monitor, the PersonalWorkplace-Controller also enables integrated and flexible access to all required data in real time. The new range offers an optimal user experience with supported resolutions of up to 5K @ 60Hz. Multiple screens of the same resolution can be combined as extended monitors to create large displays.

Especially when setting up ergonomic workplaces and monitoring areas on larger screens, operating several computers from a single console greatly facilitates the work process. The displays can be used in landscape or portrait format or in combination.

One single solution, countless possibilities

The different variants of the PersonalWorkplace-Controller offer unlimited potential for individual design solutions and can be deployed in a variety of ways for different application areas. The system provides invaluable benefits both at individual operator consoles and in the context of a video wall. In addition to the optimized product variants, the manufacturer is also launching a new input card system that enables the seamless integration of remote sources via fiber. With the new models, which are equipped with the “MAX” add-on, the application is no longer restricted by the physical limits of local cabling.

Furthermore, the all-rounder stands out with its robust design and redundant critical components and can therefore be used wherever mission-critical processes need to be monitored and controlled.

Control room specialist G&D will be demonstrating the new PersonalWorkplace-Controller generation of live at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, 2024. Interested readers can find further information at:

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