June 22, 2024
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Cloud and IP-based live video solutions provider TVU Networks and FedNet, a multi-media news organisation covering the U.S. Congress since 1994, have announced an advanced broadcast and web-ready content service to assist broadcasters with locating and clipping real-time video sources from Capitol Hill in reaction to Election Day and beyond.

Using its extensive broadcast video network throughout Capitol Hill, FedNet provides comprehensive coverage of congressional activities for broadcast and web-based clients. TVU is also providing use of its TVU Search feature, which will allow producers to find and clip video content from FedNet’s video feeds and other news source providers in real time. FedNet’s live streams will be available to TVU Grid subscribers and news organisations interested in obtaining FedNet content.

TVU Networks and FedNet have launched a content service to assist broadcasters with video sources from Capitol Hill.

“Our content shows how the U.S. Congress is influencing the world. This service is a game changer for broadcast and print news organisations who need to build news stories rapidly using content from FedNet’s daily congressional coverage,” explained Keith Carney, president, FedNet.

“Together with FedNet, we are providing real-time and archived access to clips needed for efficient production for coverage before, during, and after the U.S. election,” added Paul Shen, CEO, TVU Networks. “This service is designed to help news organisations effectively create stories using real-time content from the actual story’s origin.”

[Image credit: FedNet]