May 30, 2024
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IP-based video delivery specialist and architect of the Software-Defined Video Platform (SDVP) Zixi has announced an alliance with Google Cloud that allows companies in the media, telecoms and entertainment verticals to deliver end-to-end broadcast-quality live video solutions over IP using Google Cloud.

In an innovative collaboration with Google, the Zixi SDVP has been integrated with Google Cloud leveraging the unique Google Cloud infrastructure and platform capabilities and extensive Zixi APIs. Users can now deploy Zixi Broadcasters using Zixi ZEN Master and have access to comprehensive telemetry data on the network, transport, intra-cloud delivery and associated edge devices in the end-to-end workflow. The powerful ZEN Master control plane enables users to manage large-scale configurations to orchestrate, analyse, monitor, alert and report on live video streams and devices across the Zixi Enabled Network of customers, integrated devices and platforms and service providers standardised on Zixi.

The Zixi SDVP has also been natively integrated with Google Compute Engine storage to cost-effectively facilitate contribution and distribution to content and broadcast partners. Google Cloud comprises enterprise-grade cloud solutions that leverage Google’s technology to help companies operate more efficiently and adapt to changing needs, giving customers a foundation for the future. The Zixi SDVP accepts 17 industry protocols and containers including Zixi, NDI, RIST, SRT, TCP BBR, Multipath TCP and WebRTC, among others. Zixi has the only platform and protocol that can provide five and six nines availability utilising patent pending sequenced hitless and bonded hitless failover over mixed IP networks such as internet, fiber, satellite and cellular.

High-quality video means more users, and Zixi on Google Cloud gives broadcasters and content providers the ability to securely and reliably distribute video content at sub-second, ultra-low latency with the strongest security, resiliency and scale. Zixi’s protocols and applications for real-time delivery enable the highest visual quality and user experience, while ensuring that latency is maintained and synchronised across devices, network locations and conditions so that content providers can deliver video in real-time to the end user with confidence.

Zixi ultra-low latency delivery is based on patent pending technology that creates one coherent stream out of multiple stream fragments with a DNA sequence alignment algorithm. Mutual Google and Zixi broadcasters, as well as providers of premium online video offerings for live video ingest, transcode and publishing for OTT customers, are now leveraging ZEN Master to deploy and configure Zixi Broadcasters on Google Cloud to support both live linear and occasional use cases. With multiple clusters running on Google Cloud, these media organisations can accept streams from any transport format that Zixi offers, a flexibility that allows them to use almost any encoding device that generates a digital stream.

“Thanks to partners like Zixi, we are seeing a tremendous shift in behaviour in the media, telecommunications and entertainment market,” said Kip Schauer, global head of media and entertainment partnerships, at Google. “Broadcasters and content producers are now able to acquire and distribute live video signals utilising Google Cloud via any IP network and Zixi’s software which supports over 17 protocols. We look forward to our continued work together to support customers in the industry.”

“Google Cloud’s integration with Zixi’s reliable and secure broadcast-quality video transport and real-time network traffic and video monitoring allows users to focus on content, not transport infrastructures,” said Eunice Park, VP global sales & revenue, Zixi. “This alliance with Google Cloud is another milestone in our mission to enable broadcasters the ability to develop new and creative services as the industry continues to evolve.”