April 22, 2024
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Broadcast systems designer and integrator Video Progetti has announced the completion of a full ‘ecosystem installation’ for leading Italian broadcaster Retecapri. The project encompasses MAM, newsroom, playout and headend capabilities.

Part of Television Broadcasting System, Retecapri focuses on the development and broadcast of independent programming, with a particular emphasis on classic and arthouse films, Neapolitan and Italian comedies, and classic and modern cartoons. Key to the upgrade of the infrastructure was the inclusion of elements which deliver reliable and resilient outputs, and conform to a reasonable budget.

By assuming responsibility for the project from initiation to completion, and through the full broadcast workflow, Video Progetti was able to assemble and coordinate the best available products in each category, and ensure their compatibility and seamless integration with one another. Video Progetti installed an SDI-based set of broadcast components orientated around the Grass Valley GV matrix. This was chosen for its status as one of the most space-efficient and cost-effective SDI routers in the field, as well as the ready compatibility offered by Grass Valley products.

The chosen infrastructure also included an Etere Media Asset Management system (MAM), along with Etere’s NUNZIO NRCS newsroom software. The choice of Etere MAM was based on the need to maximise the value that Retecapri holds in its extensive archives of original content, whilst the Etere NUNZIO was selected based on Retecapri’s desire for a logical, straightforward and streamlined approach to newsroom workflow. This was combined with installation of a Portaprompt teleprompter – which was selected for its robustness, reliability and ease-of-use – while server functionality was also provided by Etere.

The playout and news infrastructure are based on the latest Supermicro servers, while the headend is built around the latest FPGA HD encoding technology. The overall system is composed of six channels featuring 1+1 redundancy, and represents a compact – and therefore energy-saving – addition to the Grass Valley broadcast infrastructure that Video Progetti assembled for Retecapri.

“We are exceptionally happy with the system that Video Progetti has delivered to us,” said Costantino Federico, managing director, Retecapri. “Not only does it meet the needs of our network on a technological level, but the quality of their service was of the highest order, [involving] close personal consultation, open communication, and careful adherence to deadlines and budget.”

Reflecting on the company’s experience as service provider, Carlo Struzzi, CEO of Video Progetti, said: “We work on an international level and take pride in working closely with all of our clients. But there has been a particular pleasure in working with Retecapri, whose broadcasting history and catalogue of classic Italian content hold a strong place in many of our hearts.

“We believe that the system we have developed for Retecapri will ensure they are able to continue to deliver the highest quality of content to Italian audiences across the country for years to come.”